It has been estimated that 26% of the global population gambles. This indicates that around 1.6 billion people actively contribute to the business, and at least 4.3 billion people gamble at least once a year. When more than a fourth of the population has its interests vested in Gambling, the field becomes hard to neglect. According to financial experts, the gambling industry has been showing a compound annual growth rate of approximately 8.77%. This means that billions of dollars’ worth of transaction take place every day. Another statistic that would surely interest you is that 17% of the population in the UK gambles online. Now that’s massive.

The reason we decided to develop this platform is to communicate the latest happenings in the gambling scene globally. We are a tightly-bonded team of highly talented and experienced gamblers who closely monitor the trends in the gambling scene and aim to bring the best information to our readers. The professional gambling analysts on our team decipher the latest happenings in the gambling world and crunch the data to offer unbiased information and advice to you. 


What can you find on our platform?

Gambling advice: Our team is dedicated to bringing you essential tips and tricks that would improve your gambling instincts by many folds. On this platform, you will find guidance from professional players of multiple games, including Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat, etc. Once you get the right knowledge, you’ll learn to gamble like professionals and would be better equipped to earn maximum profits on your investments.

Latest trends: What developments are taking place in the world of gambling globally, what rules and regulations are being formulated for gamblers, how is technology influencing the gambling scene, you’ll get access to all such information, and much more. 

Coverage of international events: whether it is WSOP Las Vegas that interests you the most or WSOP Online Poker is what suits your taste. Whether it is your favorite player whose performance you wish to follow, or it is a rising talent who’s catching your eye, you can find everything here.


How we work?

Ethos: Our ethos is what makes us different compared to all the other platforms. One commonality that every member of the team share is the determination to achieve one common goal, which is to make this platform the best gambling and betting news platform in the world. 

Principles: We have devised strict policies and the principles that dictate all our actions. We are determined to bring you the most authentic and unbiased news about the industry. Our team follows the news closely, which is the reason why we promise regularly updated blogs and articles on the platform. 


Special Segments

The stats mentioned above about the number of people who are interested in online casinos makes the subject unique. Unlike conventional forms of gambling, online trends have been fairly new, and even though it has gained popularity, the true potential of online gambling is yet to be realized. The reason why we decided to make online gambling a completely different sub-heading is the fact that it is more complex compared to conventional methods. While online platforms are trying their best to ensure the safety of the players’ money, people are still dubious when it comes to placing bets online. 

Looking at the seriousness of the matter, in this segment, we have decided to communicate the ins and outs of the online gambling platforms. We realize that gaming on credible platforms is the safest way to play online. We will tell you which platforms are the best for you and which ones to avoid. It has been a common practice to entice users through irrational bonus offers and trick them when they signup; to ensure that you don’t fall victim to such heinous traps, we will also share with you the latest scams happening online and how you can avoid them and save your precious bucks. Standing in line with our vision, the aim of the platform is to ensure the provision of the best information to our readers, and we are ready to bring you the best.


Feedback Section

We bring our viewers a unique option for sharing their feedback. This option will allow the readers to share their opinions regarding the type of content they want to see, which news they wish us to probe more, on which topics they require further elaboration; basically, the philosophy of our team is that the only way to ensure flourishment of this platform is to make it reader-centric. So feel free to share your feedback with us, we would love to know them!

We hope this platform fulfills your appetite for gambling news. Enjoy your stay while you are on the page and use the insights to your advantage to earn the millions you deserve!

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