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Maximum Bets in Online Slots

If you are a novice in the world of online betting especially in online slots, then you will certainly want to get hold of all you need to know on maximum bets in online slots. All you need to know is the game that you are betting on and the

What is a RNG?

Random Number Generators (RNG) are probably the most vital piece of mechanism available in the online gambling industry. We would go as far as to say, that it’s the best piece of mechanism available in your arsenal too. Without them, online casinos just wouldn’t be fair and would ultimately be

Everything you need to know about Libratus!

With the pacy developments in the libratus field of artificial intelligence, it has been observed that machines have started to outperform humans in practically every field. But how does the idea of an AI champion of poker sound? Ridiculous right? Well, after reading the article, you would be amazed to

It has been estimated that 26% of the global population gambles. This indicates that around 1.6 billion people actively contribute to the business, and at least 4.3 billion people gamble at least once a year. When more than a fourth of the population has its interests vested in Gambling, the field becomes hard to neglect. According to financial experts, the gambling industry has been showing a compound annual growth rate of approximately 8.77%. This means that billions of dollars worth of transactions take place every day. Another statistic that would surely interest you is that 17% of the population in the UK gambles online. Now that’s massive.


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