This application is a treat for poker players globally.

This application is a treat for poker players globally.

At this point in which mobile devices have largely dominated the electronic landscape, the offer of poker applications is sometimes even more extensive than one would wish when making a choice. Keeping this scenario in mind, online poker rooms work hard to present exclusive services to support your leisure proposal, i.e., playing poker. Here we discuss the case of PokerStars, which appears to be one of the most popular applications on the market. The application has become so popular that multiple supporting tools have been developed to make your experience of PokerStars easy, convenient and enjoyable. In this article, we will thoroughly discuss the application and the complementing tools that make the experience exhilirating.

When it comes to poker, PokerStars offers its customers a wide range of daily and weekly tournaments, with structures that fit all types of audiences. Upon access to the application, the user has the possibility of sitting in a regular game or a Sit & Go or multiplayer tournament by simply pressing the “Play now” button. On the other hand, the “Zoom” option allows you to play hands quickly when you fold without having to wait for the rivals to finish their round, immediately becoming part of another table and with other rivals to undertake the next hand.

Application availability

The application is available on both, the Android Playstore and the Apple Appstore. Once installed, it is necessary to complete a simple registration, as well as fill in the bank details if you want to play with real money. From there, the username chosen is compatible with all other services offered by the room, such as casino games and sports betting.

In the “Lobby” tab, you can configure the filters to select the tables that best suit the profile of each player, either by the type of game, the price of the ticket, the number of players per table, the limits on the Bets, game speed, etc.

All versions of the game with real money are available in exactly the same way if you want to play with dummy money, which is a good formula when practicing and knowing the dynamics of the game before putting any capital at risk.

In the application settings, you can configure different aspects of the application, such as language, time, sound, design settings, etc. There also appears a guide and the rules of the different games, in addition to a section where a history of the user's hands and tournaments is recorded.

Finally, through the “Mobile Cashier,” the user can access the bankroll to check the status of his account and make deposits if desired. Refunds or withdrawal of funds are not yet allowed from the mobile device and need to be made from the desktop software.

As many undoubtedly already know, the PokerStars room also organizes major national and international live poker events that are often accessible more economically or even for free through the online satellites that are available to its users. This gives PokerStars Live special importance, another of its mobile applications, and is also available for iOS and Android.

PokerStars Live provides full coverage of all the PokerStars Championship and PokerStars Festival events, two of the largest in-person poker tours in the world. Through the application, you can be informed of schedules, registration, structure, and all the news concerning the tournaments. Once the event is already underway, the participation, the corresponding seat, the position in which the players are being eliminated, etc. can be monitored live.

On the other hand, the application also allows you to be connected in real-time to everything that surrounds the tournament, official photos, tweets, and provisional classifications of the different tournaments that are played simultaneously. To all this, it must be added that, before the start of the event, PokerStars Live offers all kinds of information about the place where it is being held, local information, location, and reference about hotels.

It is a very interesting application for slightly more advanced users who combine online poker with live poker, or even for those game lovers who want to follow the evolutions of the players participating in this type of events.

Following this, the poker room has another application that is an excellent complement to the previous one, PokerStars TV, also available on iOS and Android.

This is an application that performs live broadcasts of live events organized by the room and mentioned above. While disseminating the images of some of the best tournaments in the world, the application provides all kinds of news about them.

On the other hand, this app allows you to follow the evolutions of the best professionals in the great online events of the room, such as the WCOOP, or the SCOOP. The application also hosts a database with the most prominent videos of the best tournaments, as well as a “Channels” section in which you can select the favorite tournaments to enjoy the best moments of them—an excellent way to learn watching great professionals at the table.

Finally, PokerStars completes its offer of applications with a tool that can be very useful for its users when organizing private games at home, PokerStars Clock.

It is a tool that is configured to organize how a game between friends develops. In it, you can choose if you want to carry out a faster or slower game mode and in which guidelines such as the size of tournaments, number of players, tickets, breaks, the game turns, etc. are marked.

You can use the predefined templates or customize a model with its own game structure. In this, you can also configure the personal profiles of each player. From there a stopwatch marks the pace of the tournament and ensures order in the development of the games.

Whether you are a Poker veteran or a newbie, PokerStars is one app that you must have as it serves all your poker needs bringing you the utmost convenience. 

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